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Living with Mental Illness?

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Welcome to Cora Dale House, we're glad you found us!

We are one of over 320 Clubhouses worldwide!  We are a community of support for people with a history mental illness; membership is free and voluntary.

I work at Cora Dale house because I know that relationships and meaningful work are what we all need, and I want to be part of community like this.

We would love for you to come, you can help make Cora Dale House stronger!

-Rich Meyer, Director


Member Stories


My life was very chaotic and I was tired of being lonely and not having a life. The first time i walked through the doors I had a complete panic attack.  I walked in talked with [Clubhouse Director] Rich Meyer and walked out shaking like a leaf, I was way outside my comfort zone.  About a month later I worked up the gumption to come in again.  I observed an watched and  slowly moved past my anxiety.   Rich really made me feel welcome, like I was needed and part of something.  Now, I have done a 180 turn around. - Dave H

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I didn’t believe there was a place for people with mental illness, but I came and it was very nice... They helped me get a job. It had been 3-4 years since I had worked.  Now I work at the college cleaning the dorms.  It is going good.  Clubhouse is a nice place to come if you need it. - Vera M

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In Clubhouse I found a family of people who wouldn’t judge me and would love me unconditionally. Being a Clubhouse member has helped me by being a place where I could be more social and create healthy boundaries. Clubhouse was also supportive in getting me out of homelessness.

- Holly M

More of Holly's Story here.

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