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How to Join


Membership in Cora Dale House is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a diagnosis of a mental illness. Clubhouse membership is voluntary and life-long.  If you are interested in joining Clubhouse follow these simple steps.  


Step 1 - Contact Us

Call 574-971-5210 or email us at to schedule a tour 8:30-4:00 Monday - Friday.  


Step 2 - Take a Tour

Come and take a tour of the Clubhouse.  We will explain what we are all about and give you all the information you need to know whether you would like to become a member.


Step 3 - Fill Out Paperwork

When you decide you want to become a member, we will work with you to fill out about 20 minutes of simple paperwork including a form confirming your eligibility for Clubhouse.

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Step 4 - Enjoy Membership

Once you have filled out your paperwork, you are considered a member.  We will schedule you for an additional 1  hour orientation to give you an even more in depth introduction to what Clubhouse is all about.

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